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November 23 2015


Animation Movies For youngsters - Best Animated Movies 2015 - Home 2015

Animation Movies For Children
I can remember many of the movies my parents shared with me growing up. Many of them I simply felt were too old, as much of them were movies they had watched themselves as children. There were other ones which are definitely exceptions on the rule. I felt that despite what their ages are, these were thoroughly enjoyable as retro classics. These are wonderful movies that you should shared with generations of future children, and it's remarkable to think that some of these have such endurance. Here are a few movies i believe fit this description.

Movies for Children
1. The miscroscopic Mermaid. Though this is a newer classic, it's actually a classic nonetheless. Springing up on its 20 year anniversary, this movie is as enjoyable today since it ever was.

2. ET. Most people enjoy the extra terrestrial that ate Reese's Pieces and charmed a small town. Elliot and ET lead to a great combo, as well as any kids should generally love this movie.

3. Pinocchio. The wooden puppet who gets to be a real boy. It is a true Disney classic, and one worth watching anytime, regardless of story's age.

4. Superman. Although this is a bit more mature as the name indicated, children will love this movie, as they will be fascinated with the concept of a flying man. Strongly recommended for children.

5. Bend it Like Beckham. This is a sports movie that teaches children about all the virtues of cooperation, teamwork, as well as the competitive spirit. A more recent classic, it's one that should teach all kids valuable lessons.

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